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Whether you want to establish a business in Hong Kong or overseas jurisdictions, our experienced professionals can advise and assist. 


Our services include the following: 


Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Taipei Company Incorporation

Singapore Company Incorporation

British Virgin Islands Company Incorporation 

Cayman Islands Company Incorporation 

Seychelles Company Incorporation 

Anguilla Company Incorporation

Samoa Company Incorporation

Johor Bahru Company Incorporation

Labuan Company Incorporation

Cook Islands Company Incorporation

Company Secretary


Apart from daily operation, companies also have to handle the claims directly or indirectly related to operation. In order to spare more time for the management team to focus on business, we provide all-round corporate secretarial service services fitting enterprises’ development needs. 


Our services include the following: 


  • Assist in setting up a corporate governance framework and related processes and mechanisms in compliance with relevant laws and regulations  

  • Conduct nominee services 

  • Preparing and keeping statutory records, such as register of shareholders and register of directors, etc. 

  • Arranging and attending meetings of directors and shareholders, and preparing minutes for meetings 

  • Preparing and submitting statutory documents, including annual return form 

  • Fulfill and update significant controllers registers

  • File necessary changes in shareholdership and directorship as well as updating changes in business and operate addresses to various interested parties

  • Cope with offshore jurisdictions requirement and properly file annual economic substances information for corporates

  • Assist in applying for Hong Kong working visa

  • Assist in applying for Hong Kong and offshore physical and virtual corporate bank account

Liquidation and Deregistration


Our services cover all sectors including company liquidation and deregistration. When you wish to suspend or cease business, we are here to help your company to complete the process successfully.

Our services include the following: 


  • Dealing with the liquidation process and acting as liquidator 

  • Handling deregistration and withdrawal of licences 

  • Applying for dormant status of Hong Kong companies 

Corporate Governance & Administration


You can entrust our experts to deal with your corporate governance, corporate administration matters in Hong Kong. 


Our services include the following: 


  • Advising on corporate governance and best practices 

  • Advising on compliance with relevant laws and regulations governing businesses and other entities 

  • Implementing corporate restructuring exercises 

  • Maintaining statutory registers and records 

  • Meeting management

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